How China Controls Cronona Virus (中国如何控制冠状病毒)

 A student "Hui Ming" from Guangxi University shared her experience and activities during the epidemic of COVId-19. I have shared her words here.

She says, because of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, I followed the government's advice and have not been out since the end of March. During the period of isolation at home, I did a lot of things that I was interested in. I also tried my best to exercise and try not to cause trouble for my family, society and government. The virus is really cunning and spreads very fast. But fortunately, all of us Chinese are united to fight against the virus, many brave people are fighting against the virus, and many doctors and nurses are also trying to protect us. They are all facing great danger, but they say, "regardless of pay, regardless of life or death.". "I'm very encouraged to hear them. They are real heroes. Thanks to many such people, the situation in China has improved almost. But many other countries are suffering from the epidemic, which also makes me sad. I want to say to everyone, protect yourself, don't infect the virus, and try to reduce going out. If you have to go out, you must wear a mask, which is safer. China is a very ancient country. We have encountered many problems in the past few thousand years. Fighting against the virus is one of them. Now the whole world is fighting against the virus, and we will win. When it's over, we can enjoy the rainbow after the storm.

Her video is placed below, click on the video to watch

In Chinese Language 

This was the reason that Chinse people followed their government instruction, keep social distance, wore a surgical mask when going out and much more. 

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