2022-Good News-Guangxi University has started receiving CSC applications

Guangxi University Scholarship 2022
Guangxi University (GXU) has started to receive Chinese government scholarship applications (2022). 
To make your application effective, please read the following directions and understand them well. If you have any more concerns, contact the GXU office at lxs@gxu.edu.cn for inquiries.
There is good news for you, you don't need to send hard copies to the university, 

  • Language of Teaching

Courses for students obtaining Chinese Government Scholarship are generally taught in Chinese. For now, only some of the doctoral programs can be taught in English, especially science and engineering. The only master's program taught in English is Ecology. The English-taught undergraduate program is unavailable. Students, unless their schools and supervisors provide courses taught in English, are required to take one-year preparatory Chinese language courses before the major study. Duration for scholarship could NOT be extended unless the students make a written application for unavoidable reasons. 

Qualification of Application 


If you don't know how to apply for CSC Application then Click here for the Procedure of application 

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