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 1st Authorship

1.     Izhar Ali et al. 2020. Biochar addition coupled with nitrogen fertilization impacts on soil quality, crop productivity, and nitrogen uptake under double cropping system. Food and Energy Security, DOI:10.1002/fes3.208 SCI, IF: 4.6. 区1

2.     Izhar Ali et al. 2022. Effects of Biochar Amendment and Nitrogen Fertilizer on RVA Profile and Rice Grain Quality Attributes. Foods, 11(5), 625. SCI, IF: 5.5. 区1

3.     Izhar Ali et al. 2022. Biochar combined with nitrogen fertilizer: A practical approach for increasing the biomass digestibility and yield of rice and promoting food and energy security. Biofuels Bioproducts & Biorefining-Biofpr; SCI, IF: 5.2 区2

4.     Izhar Ali et al. 2022. Biochar Amendment and Nitrogen Fertilizer Contribute to the Changes in Soil Properties and Microbial Communities in a Paddy Field. Frontiers in microbiology, 13, 834751-834751. SCI, IF: 6.06 区2

5.     Izhar Ali et al. 2020. Synergetic Impact of Biochar and Nitrogen Application rates on Rice Starch Metabolizing Enzymes and isoform gene expressions level and their contribution to grain quality. BMC plant biology.IF; 5.26. 区2

6.     Izhar Ali et al. 2021.  Biochar in combination with nitrogen fertilizer is a technique: to enhance physiological and morphological traits of rice (oryza sativa L.) by improving soil physio-biochemical properties.  Journal of Plant growth and regulation: IF; 4.6. 区3

7.     Izhar Ali et al. 2020. Combined application of Biochar and Nitrogen Fertilizer Improves rice Yield, Microbial Activity and N-metabolism in a Pot Experiment with Rice. PeerJ. SCI, IF: 3.0.区3

8.     Izhar Ali et al. 2019. Optimizing rates and application time of potassium fertilizer for improving growth, grain nutrients content and yield of wheat crop. Open Agriculture. 2019: 500-508. ESCI, IF: 0.45区4

9.     Izhar Ali et al. 2019. Humic Acid and Nitrogen Levels Optimizing Productivity of Green Gram (Vigna radiate L.). Russian Agricultural sciences. 45: 43-47. ESCI, IF: 0.11

10.  Wu ke*, Izhar Ali*, Saif Ullah, Anas Iqbal, Jiang Ligeng.  2021.. Impact of fertilization with reducing in nitrogen and phosphorous application on growth, yield and biomass accumulation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under a dual cropping system. PeerJ. IF: 2.9. 区3

11.  Saif Ullah*, Izhar Ali*, He Liang, Anas Iqbal, Quan Zhao, Shanqing Wei, Shakeel Ahmad, Amanullah Amanullah, Shazma Anwar, Ligeng Jiang. 2020. Biochar application to rice under 15N-labelled fertilizers: Effect on soil properties, root morphology, leaf physiological traits and nitrogen uptake. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences. SCI,  IF: 4.22. 3

12.  Anas Iqbal*, Izhar Ali*, Liang He, Shakeel Ahmad, Izhar Hussain, Abdullah Khan, Shangqin Wei; Zhao Quan, Ke Wu; Huimin Xie, Ligeng Jiang. 2020. Partial substitution of organic nitrogen with synthetic nitrogen improves rice yield, grain starch metabolism and related gene expression under the dual cropping system. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, SCI, IF. 4.22.区3


13.  Iqbal, A., Izhar Ali, I., Zhao, Q., Yuan, P., Huang, M., Liang, H., ... & Jiang, L. 2022. Effect of Integrated Organic–Inorganic Amendments on Leaf Physiological and Grain Starch Viscosity (Rapid Visco-Analyzer Profile) Characteristics of Rice and Ultisols Soil Quality. Agronomy, 12(4), 863. 区2

14.  Niyaz Ali, Yinfu Lin, Jiang Ligeng, Izhar Ali, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Kashif Akhtar, Bing He, Ronghui Wen. 2022. Biochar amendment alleviates the class 1 integrons, antimicrobial resistance, and gene cassettes diversity in the paddy soils. Frontiers in Microbiology. 2382. 区2

15.  Iqbal A, He L, Izhar Ali, Yuan P, Khan A, Hua Z, Wei S and Jiang L. 2022. Partial Substation of Organic Fertilizer With Chemical Fertilizer Improves Soil Biochemical Attributes, Rice Yields, and Restores Bacterial Community Diversity in a Paddy Field. Frontiers in Plant Science. 13:895230. 区2

16.  Saif ullah, Izhar Ali, Quan Zhao, Anas Iqbal, Shanqing Wei, Tariq Shah, Bo Yan, Ligeng Jiang.2020. Biochar coupled with contrasting nitrogen sources mediated changes in carbon and nitrogen pools, microbial and enzymatic activity in paddy soil Journal of Saudi Chemical Society. SCI, IF: 3.51. 区3

17.  Muhammad, I., Yang, L., Ahmad, S., Zeeshan, M., Farooq, S., Izhar Ali, Zhou, X. B. 2022. Irrigation and nitrogen fertilization alter soil bacterial communities, soil enzyme activities, and nutrient availability in maize crop. Frontiers in microbiology, 105. 区2

18.  Anas Iqbal, Liang He, Steven G McBride, Pengli Yuan, Izhar Ali, Maid Zaman, Muhammad Zeeshan, Rayyan Khan, Kashif Akhtar, Shangqin Wei, Zixiong Guo, Ligeng Jiang, 2020.Manure Applications Combined with Chemical Fertilizer Improves Soil Functionality, Microbial Biomass and Rice Production in a Paddy Field. Agronomy. SCI, IF: 2.24.区2

19.  Saif Ullah, Izhar Ali, He Liang, Quan Zhao, Shangqing Wei, Ihsan Muhammad, Huang Min, Nawab Ali, Jiang Ligeng.  2021). An approach to sustainable agriculture by untangling the fate of contrasting nitrogen sources in double‐season rice grown with and without biochar. GCB Bioenergy.SCI, IF. 5.32. 2

20.  Anas Iqbal, Liang He, Izhar Ali, Saif Ullah, Ahmad Khan, Aziz Khan, Kashif Akhtar, Shangqin Wei, and Ligeng Jiang. (2021). Co-incorporation of manure and inorganic fertilizer improves leaf physiological traits, rice production and soil functionality in a paddy field. Scientific Reports. SCI, I.F: 4.5. 区2  

21.  Anas Iqbal, Liang He, Izhar Ali, Saif Ullah, Ahmad Khan, Aziz Khan, Kashif Akhtar, Shangqin Wei, and Ligeng Jiang. (2020). Manure combined with chemical fertilizer increases rice productivity by improving soil health, post -anthesis biomass and nitrogen metabolism. PlosOne.SCI, I.F: 2.77. 区3

22.  Anas Iqbal, Liang He, Aziz Khan, Shangqin Wei, Kashif Akhtar, Izhar Ali, Saif Ullah, Fazal Munsif, Quan Zhao and Ligeng Jiang. (2019). Organic Manure Coupled with Inorganic Fertilizer: An Approach for the Sustainable Production of Rice by Improving Soil Properties and Nitrogen Use Efficiency. Agronomy-Basel. SCI, IF: 3.41. 区2

23.  Niyaz Ali, Yinfu Lin, Zhen Qing, Dan Xiao, Ahmad Ud Din, Izhar Ali, Tengxiang Lian, Baoshan Chen, Ronghui Wen.  2020. The Role of Agriculture in the Dissemination of Class1 Integrons, Antimicrobial Resistance, and Diversity of Their Gene Cassettes in Southern China. Genes SCI; IF 4.0. 区3

24.  Fazal Munsif, Xiangjun Kong, Aziz Khan, Daniel K Tan, Kashif Akhtar, Danfeng Tang, Tariq Shah, Izhar Ali, Anas Iqbal, Ruiyang Zhou. (2020) Physio-biochemical and comparative transcriptome analysis reveal photosynthesis and signal transduction pathways involved in NaCl Stress tolerance of isonuclearkenaf genotype. Physiologial Plantarum, SCI, I.F: 4.5. 区3

25.  Ying Xuan, Yang Yi,  He Liang, Shanqing Wei, Nianping Chen, Ligeng Jiang, Izhar Ali, Saif Ullah, Xiuchan Wu, Tianyi Cao, Quan Zhao,Tianyuan Li, 2020. Amylose content and RVA profile characteristics of noodle rice under different conditions. Agronomy Journal. DOI: 10.1002/agj2.20079  SCI IF 2.24. 区2

26.  Tianyuan Li, Saif Ullah,  He Liang, Izhar Ali, Quan Zhao, Anas Iqbal, Shanqing Wei, Tariq Shah, Yuqiong Luo, Ligeng Jiang. 2020. The enhancement of soil fertility, dry matter transport and accumulation, nitrogen uptake and yield in rice via green manuring. Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany. SCI, IF: 1.0. 区4

27.  Yuqiong Luo, Anas Iqbal, Liang He, Quan Zhao, Shangqin Wei, Bo Yan, Izhar Ali,Saif Ullah, Ligeng Jiang. (2020). Long-term no-tillage and straw retention management enhances soil bacterial community diversity and soil properties in southern China. Agronomy-Basel. SCI, I.F 3.41. 区2

28.  QuanZhao, Xiangyang Hao, Izhar Ali, Anas Iqbal, Saif Ullah, Min Huang, Feiyang Kong, Tianyuan Li, Ying Xuan, Faqiao Li, Bo Yan,Yuqiong Luo, He Liang, Shanqing Wei, Nianping Chen and Ligeng Jiang. (2019). Characterization and Grouping of All Primary Branches at Various Positions on a Rice Panicle Based on Grain Growth Dynamics. Agronomy-Basel. SCI, IF: 3.41. 区2

29.  Ihsan Muhammad, Jun Wang, Ahmad Khan, Shakeel Ahmad. Li Yang, Izhar Ali, Muhammad Zeeshan, Saif Ullah, Shah Fahad, Shamsher Ali, Xun Bo Zhou. 2021. Impact of the mixture verses solo residue management and climatic conditions on soil microbial biomass carbon to nitrogen ratio: a systematic review. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. IF; 4.2. 区3

30.  Shakeel Ahmad, Ihsan Muhammad, Guo Yun Wang, Muhammad Zeeshan, Li Yang, Izhar Ali and Xun Bo Zhou. 2021. Ameliorative effect of melatonin improves drought tolerance by regulating growth, photosynthetic traits and leaf ultrastructure of maize seedlings. BMC Plant Biology. IF; 4.2. 区3

31.  Amanullah, Mohammad Yar, Shah Khalid, Mohamed Soliman Elshikh, HafizM. Akram, Imran, Abdel Rahman M. Al-Tawaha, Manzoor Ahmad, Asim Muhammad, Saif Ullah, Izhar Ali, Shah Fahad (2021).Phenology, growth, productivity, and profitability of mungbean as affected by potassium and organic matter under water stress vs. no water stress conditions. Journal of Plant Nutrition. IF; 1.7. 区4

32.  Amanullah, Inamullah, Mona S. Alwahibi, Mohamed Soliman Elshikh, Jawaher Alkahtani, Asim Muhammad, Shah Khalid , Imran, Manzoor Ahmad , Nangial Khan, Saif Ullah, Izhar Ali. 2020. Phosphorus and Zinc Fertilization Improve Zinc Biofortification in Grains and Straw of Course vs. Fine Rice Genotypes. Agronomy-Basel. SCI, IF: 3.41. 区2

33.  Mohammad Ilyas, Gohar Ayub, Imran, Izaz Hussain, Zahid Hussain, Azmat Ali AwanJaved Rahman, Izhar Ali and Abdel Rahman Altawaha. 2020. Growth and seed productivity of Daucuscarrota enhanced with roots dimensions and rhizospheric phosphorous fertilization. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, SCI; IF:1.32. 区4

34.  Jing Zhang, Faqiao Li, Peizuo Liao, Shafaqat Ali, Aziz Khan, Izhar Ali,Anas Iqbal, Benhui Wei, Ligeng Jiang. 2020. Smash-ridging Tillage strongly Influence Rice root Morphology, Soil Functionality and Yield in Southern China. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, SCI, IF. 4.22. 区3

35.  Tariq Shah, Sadia Latif, Fozia Saeed, Izhar Ali,SaifUllah, Abdulaziz Abdullah, Alsahlie Sumira Jan,  ParvaizAhmadeg. 2020. Seed priming with titanium dioxide nanoparticles enhances seed vigor, leaf water status, and antioxidant enzyme activities in maize (Zea mays L.) under salinity stress. Journal of King Saud University - Science. SCI; IF; 4.0. 区2

36.  Xie Huiming, Ke Wu, Anas, Izhar Ali, Liang He, Saif Ullah, Shangqin Wei, Quan Zhao, Xiaoyan Wu, Qianying Huang, Ligeng Jiang. 2020. Synthetic Nitrogen Coupled with Seaweed Extract and Microbial Inoculants Improves Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Production under a Dual Cropping System. Italian Journal of Agronomy.2.3. 区2

37.  Imran, Amanullah, I Hussain1, I Ali, S Ullah2, A Iqbal, A R -Al Tawaha et al 2021. Agricultural soil reclamation and restoration of soil organic matter and nutrients via application of organic, inorganic and bio fertilization (Mini review). IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science.

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39.  Ying Xuan, Yang Yi, He Liang, Shanqing Wei, Ligeng Jiang, Izhar Ali, Saif Ullah, Quan Zhao. 2019. Effects of Meteorological Factors on the Yield and Quality of Special Rice in Different Periods after Anthesis. Agricultural science (Chinese journal)

40.  Mohammad Ilyas1, Gohar Ayub, Imran, Zahid Hussain, Hanen Enneb, Manzoor Ahmad, Azmat Ali Awan, Izhar Ali, Abdel Rehman Altawaha. 2020. Salicylic acid improved yield and post-harvest quality of 2 autumn potato crop under cool temperature. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, SCI; IF:1.32 (Under Review)

41.  Wajid saeed, Abdul Khaliq, Fazal Munsif, Izhar Ali, Tahir Hussain Jandan, Anas Iqbal, Pingwu Liu. 2020. Enhancing rice yield and weed management in direct seeded rice using ammonium sulphate as adjuvant with lower dose of early post emergence herbicides. Agrivita. SCI; IF;1.2. 区4

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44.  H.Nawaz., S. Shah.,A. Rab.,H. Fayyaz., H.Raza.,H. Khan., T. Jan, Izhar Ali., G. Sadiq., F.Khan and S. J. Ahmad 2017.Response of wheat cultivars toward successive delayed sowing under rainfed condition in Lower Dir. Pure Appl. Biol., 6(2): 470-480, June, 2017

45.  Sadiq.G., A.A. Khan., Inamullah., A.Rab., H.Fayyaz., G.Naz., H.Nawaz., Izhar Ali.,H.Raza., J.Amin., S.Al.i, H.A.Khan.,  A. A. Khan and W.A. Khattak. Impact of phosphorus and potassium levels on yield and yield components of maize. Pure and Applied Biology. . Vol. 6, Issue 3, pp1071-1078.

46.  Amanullah, Asif Iqbal, Adil Khan, Shah Khalid, Azizullah Shah, BrajendraParmar, Shah Khalid &Asim Muhammad (2019) Integrated Management of Phosphorus, Organic Sources, and Beneficial Microbes Improve Dry Matter Partitioning of Maize, Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 50:20, 2544-2569, DOI: 10.1080/00103624.2019.1667378. 区3


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