Baise City in Guangxi Province of China

 Baise (百色) City in Guangxi Province 

Baise [Chinese: 百色,  pinyin-Bǎisè] or BOSE is the city of Guangxi Province. Guangxi Province is on the border of Vietnam and connected with the provinces Yunnan and Guizhou.
Biase has a famous university named ' Youjiang Medical university for nationalities'" which has a lot of international students. 
Baise is mostly famous for mangos production. Mangos of Baise is famous all over China. Baise is a smaller city than Nanning, The people of Baise use Nanning Airport for traveling. Biase is located between three capital provinces such as Guigang, Kunming, and Nanning, 
The area of Baise is 36252-kilometer square or 13997 square miles and obtained half forested. 

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