Glass bridge in Nanning,China.

 The Glass bridge in the Dragon Lake Nanning China 

This glass bridge is situated in a park, named Dragon Lake in Nanning city of Guangxi Province China. This bridge was recently made, this is not the bridge which was made 1st in the world. The ticket of this bridge is 80 yuan in Chinese currency (in 2019). Although there are a lot of other activities which is full of entertainment. this park is an attractive place for foreign tourists. 

The foremost choice of visitors.
A unique combination of old-world charm and modernity. The destination has lush greenery and a hot spot site for naturalists to enjoy scenic hill stations.
The Glass Bridge is 288 m long, 92 m high and is the 2nd long glass bridge in China. The bridge delicacy attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis. The most terrifying tourists spot. Besides this, there are plenty of strange sights to attracts tourists.

Dr Izhar Ali

Dr Izhar Ali and Dr Farooq

Click on the video to watch about the bridge and Dragon Lake 

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