Why Chongzuo Bridge in Guangxi University Nanning China?

Chongzuo is the name of a city. And Chongzuo bridge is the dividing point between the east and west campuses of Guangxi University. The bridge is painted with the characteristic cultural elements of Guangxi ethnic minorities, such as Tonggu, and Huashan rock paintings and characters dressed in Zhuang costumes. When I walked across the bridge, stopped here to appreciate it for a little while, but I always had a question in my mind: why is this bridge called Chongzuo Bridge? Why is Chongzuo Bridge in Guangxi University in Nanning instead of Chongzuo? I think there must be a story behind this bridge.

Chongzuo bridge 
Chongzuoqiao was originally a wall, which is the dividing line between Guangxi University and Guangxi Agricultural University. After the merger of the two schools, the wall was torn down and turned into a road across the campus, called Nongyuan Road (Farmyard road). In order to facilitate the management, they built an overpass so that the school and off-campus division is clear. On the eve of the 80th anniversary, it was officially named "Chongzuo Bridge", a landmark building distinguishing the east and west campus.
In 2008, the Xida Alumni Association of Chongzuo City made a donation to the school, this wall was built under the name Chongzuo wall, but after the merger of the two schools they named it Chongzuo Bridge.
Now the murals on the inside and on the wall of Chongzuo Bridge are newly painted at the end of 2015, created by graduates of Xida Art College, Cover the karst landscape, Detian Waterfall, Chongzuo Leaning Tower, Mingshi Pastoral, Sanjiang Wind, and Rain Bridge, Friendship Pass, Zhuang Gexu, etc., are landmark attractions and things in Guangxi.

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