China and Pakistan Rice production 2022

22.5 metric tonnes per hectare! China's hybrid rice yield breaks the record, while Pakistan's rice yield is about 6 to 7 tons per hectare.

China's rice production increased annually due to the invention of new hybrid rice as well as modern farming technology.  

According to evaluation results from a test field in recent years, hybrid rice produced by Chinese scientists reached record-breaking yields of 1,500 kilograms per mu (approximately 22.5 tonnes per hectare) in two growing seasons.

China cultivates two season per year rice, which is called the early season and late season. Pakistan cultivates rice for one season and the climate is almost the same as some China Provinces. If the subtropical area of Pakistan cultivates rice for two seasons per year it will increase rice production in Pakistan. Furthermore, Pakistan farmers need to select the highest yielding varieties as Chinese hybrid rice. However, in China, fertilizer consumption is more than in Pakistan which is not environmentally friendly. 

But Yuan Longping's (deceased) team is still working on third-generation hybrid rice combinations and undertaking research on how to make rice production easier, with the goal of achieving high yields with reduced fertilizer consumption.

Pakistan exists in the list of rice export competitors such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and China. respectively in the world rice market as compared with other Asian competitions. According to daily-times news, Pakistan's rice exports to China (HS Code 1006) surpassed $400 million in 2021, up 133% year on year, and Pakistan remained China's leading rice supplier for the first five months of the previous year. China Economic Net (CEN) published this on Tuesday, citing official statistics from the People's Republic of China's General Administration of Customs (GACC).

Last year, China purchased 973,000 tons of rice from Pakistan valued $437 million. Seven new Pakistani rice exporters have been added to the approved list, which now stands at 53, and China has eased import limits on Pakistani rice, allowing more rice to be sent to China.

Late-season hybrid rice yields in Hunan Province, Central China, reached 911.7 kg per mu (equivalent to 0.07 hectares).

What is the Early and Late season of Rice? 

Early-season starts from March to July and late-season start from September to December. 

Difference between Pakistan and China Rice

Pakistan rice grain is long and has a different taste while china rice grain has a smaller size. 

Pakistan Rice
China Rice 

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