How to open bank account In China?

In recent years more foreigners working and settling down in China and many are surprised that Chinese people use mobile phones as a wallet for example Wechat Pay, Alipay etc.

After spending a day without wallet and credit card in China, many foreigners can be heard saying, "it's so convenient!".

Foreigners daily life is also full of "Chinese style payment" methods - WeChat and Alipay. 

These payment methods have one thing in common: they need to be linked to a Chinese bank account.

Can foreigners apply for a bank account in China?

The answer is Yes

How to apply for a bank account? 

What kind of paperwork do you need to prepare? 

You will have a lot of questions! but don't worry I visited four state-owned banks to collect information for you.

There are four things you need to bring with you to the bank of your choice. 

1. Original PASSPORT or  Permanent Residence Permit 

2. Your registration form of temporary residence for visitors.

3. Some cash 

4. Telephone number under your name
Bank of China  DOES NOT accept "tourism visa". 

Banks in China

Long-term resident journalists, trade, long-term family visits, talents, long-term study, employment, diplomacy, are the only visa types that are accepted.
I DON'T suggest ABC!
ABC bank

Despite needing only four items ABC is notorious for their long processing times.

Rumour has it that some people have waited nearly a year to get their bank account.
If your original passport and visa are currently applying for an account is easy, though expect a long wait. 
Your original passport or residence permits are needed.  

Students who don't have a residence permit can provide their student card as a substitute.

Tips:Applicants must provide a telephone number under their name to receive an SMS verification from the bank. Check out How do I get a Chinese Phone Number?!

After finishing the application forms and submitting all paperwork you'll receive a bank card and you're done!

We advise you ask the bank teller for help linking your card to your WeChat or Alipay account to avoid any issues.

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