Guishan Park in Yulin city, Guangxi Province China

 Guishan Park is the biggest park in Yulin City. This is an ancient city (Yulin) with a history that stretches more than 2000 years. It is home to one of the four most prominent ancient buildings in the south of China, the Zhen Wu Pavilion. Yulin has Wucai Garden, a large scenic location. It occupies an area of 52 square kilometers and 10 villages are included. A total of 8 theme venues, a theme gallery, and a strawberry picking hall are open. There are cherry blossom streets, rice fields, Gesang flower fields, tail grass fields for puppies, etc., perfect for taking photographs and checking in for various reasons, and tickets are free. However, the world knows Yulin city by its famous "Lychee and Dog Festival", 

An annual 10-day festival where over 10,000 dogs are eaten is the Yulin "Lychee and Dog Meat" festival. Guishan Park has different sites, And we visited the agricultural site of Guishan Park, Which have more than 1000 different plant species. The Agriculture site contains 7 big halls (green hoses), each hall contains different plants, vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants, flowers etc.

Me and my professor

This park is an attractive spot for both local and international tourist. The park has beautiful orchards, mountains and many things. 

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