Recyclings waste in Nanning city of China

 A Nanning municipal government spokesperson said that Nanning has spent 2.595 billion yuan in waste treatment since 2017.

I was reading an article and was surprised to see that a city that is categorized in the anonymous region of China, spent 2.595 billion RMB/Yuan  (Chinese currency) on waste treatment since 2017. Which is equal to 386,595,925 US dollars. 

Since August, municipal regulations have been rolled out, but you might begin to see such improvements, particularly if you are a restaurant owner or a large institution. 
After November, kitchen waste in shopping complexes, suburban areas, and public agencies has become a primary focus of local governments. 

More recently, the regulation of farm markets, schools, hospitals, and government buildings has been centered. The move will transition again to restaurants, shopping centers, stores, transit centers, beaches, and other locations from March through June 2021. These proposed rules will be stressed by law enforcement with a promise to crack down with heavy penalties for potential offenses after summer.

In compliance with the terms of the Nanning Urban Solid Waste Classification Laws, fines and penalties should be based on all persons and enterprises. The employee penalty is 200 yuan, and the company's maximum penalty is 50000 yuan.

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