Qingming Festival Five color rice

"It rains heavily during the Qingming Festival, and the pedestrians on the road want to die." Unknowingly, the Qingming Festival is another year. The Qingming Festival is the most grand and grand ancestor worship festival of the Chinese nation. I believe many students have embarked on the journey home to worship their ancestors. But some students stayed in school.

For this reason, the first floor of Nanyuan, the first floor of Cuiyuan, Bihuyuan, and the first floor of Dongyuan specially launched five-colour glutinous rice, and the quality is cheap, and each serving only costs 3-4 yuan. This provides a bit of comfort for students who can’t go home, let’s come and learn about the five-colour glutinous rice with Xiaoqin~

The five-color glutinous rice is named for its five colors: black, red, yellow, purple, and white.

The five-color glutinous rice mainly uses natural plant extract pigments. The glutinous rice is soaked in water with four different plant pigments: purple, yellow, red, and black. After it is fully dyed, it is steamed together with the original color glutinous rice. The five-color glutinous rice is not only beautiful and delicious but also has medicinal value.

Every year when the "March 3 of the Zhuang Nationality" arrives, the Zhuang compatriots in Guangxi have the custom of steaming five-color glutinous rice to greet the festival. The Zhuang people regard the five-colour glutinous rice as a symbol of "good luck" and "blooming five grains". It is an excellent delicacy used to entertain guests, and it is also one of the offerings used to sacrifice to the ancestors.

In addition, the five-colour glutinous rice has an interesting legend. In ancient times, there was a young man named Tenon in the Zhuang family village. His father died. He and his mother who was paralyzed in bed depended on each other for life. Tenon is very filial to his mother, afraid that her mother will be bored at home alone, and will go with her on her back when she goes out to work.

Every time, he brought a large bag of his mother's favourite glutinous rice on him, so that his mother could eat it anytime he was hungry. This move of Teyi's mother and son was noticed by a monkey on the mountain, and it took advantage of Tenon's absence to snatch the glutinous rice. Because the mother could not move, she could only watch the monkey snatch her glutinous rice.

This happened several times in a row. Tenon looked at his starving mother very anxious. Once, Teyi found that his hand holding the maple leaf was stained black, so he had an idea and immediately started to cut the maple leaf home and pound it. After rotten, soak in water to get a black liquid juice, and then put the glutinous rice into the black liquid juice to soak. The next day, the black glutinous rice was picked up and steamed, and a fresh fragrance filled the house.

In the early morning, Tenon took his mother up the mountain to chop wood. He wrapped the black glutinous rice with banana leaves and deliberately revealed a little black colour. The monkey saw such a large group of dark things, thinking that Tenon was using some poison to trick it, and didn't dare to touch it, so he fled.

This day happened to be the third day of March. Tenon ate black glutinous rice. His mouth was neither dry nor tired, nor did he feel tired. On the contrary, he felt that his body was full of strength and he got more firewood. Later, the Zhuang family all learned Tenon, and every family learned to make black glutinous rice. 


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