What does seawater rice mean?

Seawater rice is a kind of saline tolerant rice between wild rice and cultivated rice and it grows commonly in seaside mudflats and is resistant to waterlogging pests and diseases as well as collapse. 
Rice cultivation

It is reddish red in color and contains natural soluble red pigments which is rich in nutrients seawater rice is not only rich in starch dietary fiber amino acids high protein calcium but also contains selenium zinc magnesium copper iron-molybdenum manganese and other trace elements.
What is the current situation of seawater rice? Yuan Long Peeng the Chinese agronomist who developed the first hybrid rice varieties and always aspiring to eliminate famine in china or even the world on September 25th, 2020. His seawater rice research team was publicly tested in Yupuhu county Xinjiang by the production measurement expert team assessment the final theoretical yield of seawater rice is 548.53 kilograms per mu.
It is understood that the field is located in Yupohu county Kashgar Xinjiang township which is heavy saline soil close to the western edge of the taklamar khan desert early in October 2018. 
The dubai party has already invited the senior chinese rice experts to dubai for the technical services of rice cultivation in the dubai local desert shortly afterward the republic of sierra leone sent its staff to qingdao several times to sign a letter of intent for cooperation in rice cultivation projects followed by the congo brazerville. Which also formulated a one billion dollars seawater rice cultivation plan and Kuwait also invited kingdoms seawater rice research team to carry out  industrialization and promotion in the country what is the value of seawater rice after all these years china has kept exploring a new way to increase its grain production to reach food self-sufficient the success of seawater rice means that lots of saline soil in china could be developed and used for growing rice which will be another great contribution to the elimination of food shortage around china or the whole also the cultivation of seawater rice not only produces food from tidal flats but also protects against wind and waves promotes siltation and beach protection strengthens banks purifies seawater and air and has the same ecological and social value as mangroves in addition seawater rice also has the ability to resist waterlogging salinity as well as to resist failure
disease and insects in order to get a better variety.
Seawater rice 

It is possible to cross seawater rice with ordinary high yielding rice to get a better variety which will not only have a higher yield but also be able to grow in saline lands and make better use of abandoned land therefore the trial planting and promotion of seawater rice has provided a new way out to solve today's problems of food shortage scarce arable land resources and ecological environment pollution which is of great strategic significance to China and the world.

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