Can international students work part-time in China?

Can foreign students take an internship in China?

International students may participate in work-study programs

during their time in higher education institutions, but they may not be employed, engage in business, or engage in other for-profit activities, according to Article 30 of The Administrative Measures for the Enrollment and Cultivation of International Students by Schools. As a result, businesses cannot simply hire full-time or part-time foreign students studying in China. Companies may, however, offer international students internships if they follow proper procedures.


Before foreigners may lawfully participate in an internship, they must meet specific prerequisites. Article 22 of the Administrative Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Entry and Exit of Foreigners states that if a foreigner with a study residence permit needs to do off-campus work-study or internship, he or she must apply to the Entry and Exit Administration Agency of the Public Security Authorities, after obtaining consent from his or her school, for the inclusion of remarks on the venue, period, and other details of the work-study or internship on his or her residence permit.

If the foreigner's study residence permission does not include the information listed in the preceding paragraph, he or she is not permitted to work part-time or intern.

We observed that most of the regulations on part-time work or internships for international students are comparable after analyzing the laws at a few colleges. The following are the requirements for applying for part-time employment or an internship:

(1) You must be at least 18 years old;

(2) Undergraduate and postgraduate students must be formally registered with the university and have received their academic status.

(3) Each required and elective course's examination results must fulfill the pass-mark standards;

(4) During the study, there will be no violations of school discipline or Chinese laws and regulations;

(5) The student is covered by the international student insurance plan;

(6) The processes for verifying foreigners' medical examination records have been completed.

Simultaneously, there are regulations governing the duration and scope of the part-time job:

(1) Weekly working hours during the semester must not exceed 6 hours;

(2) During the winter and summer vacations, the weekly work-study program is available.

(3) Participating in the creation of radio, film, and television shows, as well as commercial performances in commercial entertainment venues, are not considered part-time jobs.

(5) In theory, the part-time work should be related to the applicant's major.

Is it possible for a foreigner to work part-time in China?

According to Article 23 of the Administrative Provisions on Foreigner Employment in China, the employer in China must be the same as the employer listed on the employment pass. The work permit procedures must be performed anew if the foreigner is seeking employment outside the permit-issuing department's specified territory, or if the foreigner's employer within the previously specified region changes but the foreigner is seeking employment for a different vocation.

The conventional interpretation of this regulation is that foreigners may only work for the firm listed on their work permit, thereby preventing foreigners from working part-time for any other company in China.

With the implementation of China's policy of attracting foreign scientific and technological talents in recent years, some cities, such as Shanghai, have stipulated that eligible foreign scientific and technical personnel can work part-time in conjunction with their full-time jobs after completing certain formalities.

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