Pakistan-China friendship, Which new generation don't know

Pakistan and China are good friends and they called to be brothers. Chinese called Pakistani "Batie" which means iron brother, the most strong friendship. While Pakistani call to Chinese "Bhai" which has the same meaning. 

Pakistan and China's friendship started on the independence day of China. Pakistan achieved independence as a dominion within the Commonwealth in August 1947, while China achieved it on 1st October 1949. 

China has led the World as Pakistan's major weapons supplier and third-largest commercial partner. Both countries have recently agreed to work together to improve Pakistan's civil nuclear power sector. Pakistan's foreign strategy revolves around maintaining close ties with China.

Pakistan China border 


1. Since their diplomatic relations were established in May 1951, Pakistan and China have had cordial ties. One of the first nations to recognize the People's Republic of China was Pakistan. The connection has grown over time into an "All-Weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership."

2. Airplane
Since the independence of China, China doesn't have an airline system for passengers. Pakistan Air Line (PIA) became the first airline from a non-communist nation to fly to the People's Republic of China on April 29, 1964, when relations between Pakistan and the People's Republic of China were established. That aircraft is now put in Beijing Musume to save the friendship history of Pakistan and  China. 

2. Banking System
National bank of Pakistan gave the 1st time banking system to China,  and then the Chinese developed their banking system now the most modern and online banking system. 

3. Land 
Pakistan acknowledged Chinese control over territory in Kashmir's and Ladakh's northern regions. The Sino-Pakistan Agreement, signed in 1963 by the governments of China and Pakistan, defined the boundary between those two nations. Both nations gave up more than 1,942 square kilometers (750 sq mi) to one another as a consequence.

China Pak friendship Picture

  • Helped in the Indo-Pak war which is not confirmed by both countries' governments.
  • CPEC project; this project can help Pakistan's development and can help China to make it globally powerful. 
  • China has been a consistent supplier of military hardware to the Pakistani Army since 1962, establishing munitions factories, offering technical support, and upgrading existing facilities.
  • Pakistan inked a loan arrangement worth 15 billion yuan (USD 2.3 billion) on Wednesday with a group of Chinese banks to support the country's cash-strapped economy after its foreign exchange reserves were depleted and its native currency lost value.
  • In November 2016, China announced a further $8.5 billion investment in Pakistan, of which $4.5 billion will be used to upgrade the tracks, speed, and signaling on the country's main railway line connecting Karachi and Peshawar, and $4 billion will go toward an LNG terminal and transmission lines to help Pakistan's energy shortages.
  • Prime Minister Imran Khan and the leaders of the armed forces of Pakistan attended a special event when the first batch of six Chinese J-10C fighter aircraft were formally commissioned into Pakistan's air force. 
Helping each other is countless and difficult to provide all detail, We can just say that both act like iron brothers.


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