Guangxi University Chinese Government Scholarship 2023


The oldest and largest comprehensive university in the region, Guangxi University was founded in 1928. It has been chosen as a construction university within "First-class Discipline Project" and "National Plan to Promote the Comprehensive Strength of Midwest Colleges and Universities" in addition to being the only National 211-Project Key Construction University in Guangxi and the co-administrative university by both the national Ministry of Education and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Currently, 11 post-doctoral research programs, 20 Ph.D. programs, 63 graduate programs, and 67 undergraduate programs are offered by Guangxi University's 25 colleges in the 11 disciplines of philosophy, economics, law, liberal arts, education, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and administration. 26,469 undergraduates, 13,071 graduate and doctorate students, and 63,743 continuing education students are enrolled. There are 1,945 teachers among the 3,424 faculty members.

Language of Instruction

The majority of courses offered to students receiving Chinese Government Scholarships are taught in Chinese. A minimum HSK 4 certificate is required for all programs that teach Chinese. Only a few PhD programs, primarily those in science and engineering, can currently be taught in English. If students feel that their Chinese proficiency doesn't meet the requirements for major study, they may choose to attend one year of preparatory Chinese language classes before the major study, unless their schools and supervisors provide courses taught in English. The scholarship's duration CAN NOT be extended unless the students submit a written application for extenuating circumstances.

Introduction to Guangxi University

Application deadline

Before January 31, 2023, applicants must send their application materials electronically to the email address In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, applicants are not required to mail paper copies to the university.

The subject line of the email should be formatted as "CSC Scholarship+country name+applicant's complete name."

The application must meet the criteria listed above or it will be rejected right away.

To make your application effective, please read the following directions and understand them well. If you have any more concerns, contact the GXU office at for inquiries.
There is good news for you, you don't need to send hard copies to the university.

1st requirement
  1. Before applying, candidates for undergraduate Chinese language programs must at least have passed the HSK3 exam. 
  2. Before applying, candidates for postgraduate programs (master's and doctoral) taught in Chinese must at the very least have passed the HSK4 exam. 
  3. Before applying, candidates for programs taught in the English language must have at least an IELTS score of 6.0 or a TOEFL score of 80.

Scholarship's content (actual information depends on relevant files issued by CSC)

1. There are no fees for applications, tuition, or on-campus housing.

2. A monthly stipend

3. Complete medical coverage (details of the coverage are available on the website at

4. Transportation costs for students are their responsibility.


Due to global pandemic control measures, applicants are not required to provide us paper copies of their documents, but they must ensure the validity of the materials and maintain their integrity during the application process. Any form of fraud or cheating will result in scholarship rejection and cancellation.

1. Candidates should first register on the Chinese Government Scholarship website and submit an online application. is the link. It is strongly advised that applicants read the website instructions before submitting their applications.
2. Fill out the application information after signing up.

3. Enter the right Guangxi University Agency Number: 10593.

4. Complete the application form accurately and honestly. Any untrue information will result in the application being rejected.

5. Before January 31, 2023, submit the digital documents to The subject line of the email should be formatted as "CSC Scholarship+country name+applicant's complete name."

6. At the same time register on the university's website. and fill and submit the form

Qualification of Application 

Contact Person in University 

Contact Person: Mr. Chen




Contact me for any help regarding your application

Note: Acceptance letter is not compulsory 

Send a message 1st, don't call directly. 

Whatsapp 008615578064260 

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