Detian Waterfall in Guangxi China and Vietnam border

The Detian Waterfall, which is in Shuolong Town, Daxin County, Chongzuo City, close to Nanning City, is the fourth-biggest transnational waterfall in the world and the largest waterfall in Asia. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

With a drop of more than 70 meters, the Detian Waterfall is more than 200 meters wide. The area's geology is thickly stratified dolomite, and the waterfall's average yearly flow rate is 50 cubic meters per second. With great force, the water pours from a three-tiered cliff. The fall is breathtaking, and you can hear the thunder before seeing it.

Activities: Visitors can ride bamboo rafts to simulate traveling through two different countries and see the waterfall's spectacular surroundings. You can take a picture with the historic boundary post and then turn around to see Vietnam from the other side.

How to get there from Nanning 

1. Through Bus: From Nanning Langdong Bus Station, take a bus to Detian Pubu (Detian Waterfall). The bus costs CNY75 and leaves at 8:30 and 11:30 in the morning. Take a bus to the waterfall at 8:30 from Nanning General Bus Station; the one back leaves at 15:00.

2. Taxi. Find a taxi through any APP. it costs 500-700 RMB. and take approximately  2 hours and 43 minutes 

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