Greenhouse Cucumber Production: Advancements in Modern Agriculture Technology

Welcome to my blog, In this post I explore the modern process of cucumber farming. 

Today I am talking about the cultivation of cucumber in the Netherlands. 

The Netherlands is known for its advanced farming techniques, and greenhouse farming is one of them. The production of cucumbers in the country was 1.2 million tons in 2021, which is a significant amount considering the cold winter weather.

The cucumber farming process in the Netherlands involves modern methods like vertical farming and soilless cultivation. The best cucumber varieties are carefully selected to grow larger cucumbers. With up to three cucumber crops grown in a year, around half a million plants are grown on biological fiber mats, which could be coconut fiber mats.

The process starts by growing cucumber seedlings without using soil. After the seedlings have grown, they are transplanted together and brought to the main planting area, which is massive. The cucumber plants grow upwards along ropes, which are secured to the plants immediately after planting. Tightening and clipping techniques are used to ensure proper growth.

After about three to four weeks from planting, the plants start flowering and producing fruits. Each plant can have dozens of fruits harvested mostly by hand using a knife to cut the stem. After harvesting, the cucumbers are taken to the sorting and packaging area, where modern conveyor belts and robotic arms are used for sorting and quality control.

Finally, at the end of the season, all the plants from the previous season are removed, and new plants are planted the next day. The greenhouse roof is also cleaned to ensure optimal sunlight for the plants.

Cucumber is a popular fruit enjoyed by many around the world, with China being the largest producer globally. The Netherlands is the fourth largest producer of cucumbers in Europe.

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