Guangxi Minzu University

Guangxi University for Nationalities (GXUN), located by the picturesque Xiangsi Lake in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was founded in 1952 as a branch of the Central Institute for Nationalities, now known as Minzu University of China. 

Initially named Guangxi Provincial Institute for Nationalities in 1953, it later became Guangxi Institute for Nationalities in 1958 and finally adopted its current name in 2006. Co-financed by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of China and the People’s Government of Guangxi, GXUN is a key institution in the region, often visited by prominent leaders from China and ASEAN countries.

The university spans three campuses, covering a total area of 3500 Mu, and comprises 26 colleges offering a wide range of academic disciplines. It provides 4 doctoral programs, 16 master’s programs of superordinate disciplines, 75 master’s programs of secondary disciplines, 11 professional master’s programs, and 77 full-time undergraduate programs. 

With an enrollment of 19,707 students, half of whom are from various ethnic minority groups, GXUN embodies its motto: “Being virtuous and erudite, and seeking harmony in diversity.” The university’s dedication to promoting ethnic solidarity and internationalization has earned it numerous awards and recognition, making it a prominent institution in both national and international academic communities.


Guangxi Minzu University of Guangxi University of Nationalities currently has 25 Departments. 

  1. School of Political Science and Public Administration Guangxi Minzu University
  2. School of Marxism Guangxi Minzu University
  3. College of Business Guangxi Minzu University
  4. Sino-British College Guangxi Minzu University
  5. Law School Guangxi Minzu University
  6. College of Ethnology and Sociology Guangxi Minzu University
  7. School of Education Science Guangxi Minzu University
  8. College of Sports and Health Sciences Guangxi Minzu University
  9. School of Languages & Literature Guangxi Minzu University
  10. School of Foreign Studies Guangxi Minzu University
  11. School of Southeast Asian Studies Guangxi Minzu University
  12. School of Science Guangxi Minzu University
  13. School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Guangxi Minzu University
  14. School of Marine Sciences and Biotechnology Guangxi Minzu University
  15. School of Information Science and Engineering Guangxi Minzu University
  16. College of Software and Information Security Guangxi Minzu University
  17. Management School Guangxi Minzu University
  18. School of the Arts Guangxi Minzu University
  19. School of Media Guangxi Minzu University
  20. College of ASEAN Studies Guangxi Minzu University
  21. College of International Education Guangxi Minzu University
  22. People's Armed College Guangxi Minzu University
  23. College of Ethnic Preparatory Education
  24. Xiangsihu College
  25. Academy of Chinese Culture

Scholarships  at Guangxi Minzu University of Guangxi University of Nationalities

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