Hua Hua Da Shi Jie Park Wuming. 南宁花花大世界

 Huahua World (南宁花花大世界) is located at No. C-3, Yiling Industrial Zone, Shuangqiao Town, Wuming District, Nanning City, Guangxi Province. It is a comprehensive tourist resort integrating ecological sightseeing tourism, science popularization exhibition, leisure and conference, outdoor development fitness sports, and nursery flower production and sales. The main attractions in Huahua World include One Tree Spring, Kingdom of Exploration, Happy BBQ Area, Zhuang Ethnic Rain Bridge, Huashan Trail, Aegean Bay, Fragrant Grass Green Realm, and so on.

As soon as you enter the gate and walk along the long palm tree walkway, you will see a lush green lawn on your right, with a clear lake in the center. Across the lake are artificial hills with pavilions and towers. After the expansion park was built, it mainly features facilities suitable for children to play, unlike before when there were more facilities for adults. Further ahead in the expansion park, there is a barbecue area. The park is very large, and visitors can rent bicycles to explore on their own. Apart from the slightly remote location and possible traffic congestion, the ticket price is also a bit expensive.

The main scenic spots include the New Gate Area, Aegean Bay, Fragrant Grass Green Realm."

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